13 August 2011


The 'Rillaton' Gold cup. Early Bronze Age.
Dug up by diggers, in 1837, and then handed over to the Crown. 
I've read that King Edward(?) had it on his dresser, you know, to put his collar buttons in. And probably spare change, car keys, a usb stick, old Fisherman's Friends and lint.

You'll be glad it is now on permanent loan to The Museum, where its volumes are filled only with the inquisitive gaze of Museum-Goers.
I sort of enjoyed the story that it was once used so flippantly. Would be fun to have a go, Peabody style.
It would not be good to eat yoghurt out of– too many corrugations– but might be perfect for...
Bib, the Michelin Man?


  1. Well, I never knew the Michelin Man had a name. "Bib" would be a suitable name for my cat!