5 August 2011


...is an unusual word. (skip down to the bold if you dont care)
I suppose it is onomatopoeic- that is, it sounds like what it is. Tinging or banging.
I wonder if the name of the metal Tin has a shared root? The eymology of "tin" is a bit hazy:
the english tin, from the german zinn, from the latin stannum, which is possibly from the cornish stean
(Cornwall being a major source of Roman tin). Well now, that's ouroboric, if true. (like a snake eating itself).
But, regarding onomatopoeia, tin is a soft metal that probably doesnt go "ting" when you hit it, really- although it is said to "cry" when  snapped.
But I digress...
There's quite a bit of tintinnabulation involved in the making of jewellery and holloware.
So to avoid tinnitus (permanant ringing in the ears + hearing loss) it is advisable for the smith to wear earmuffs for noise over 70dB.
Earmuffs cover the whole ear- thus protecting against acoustic shock through the back of your ear (skull) too, not just the ear-hole per se.
So if you dont want to ruin Beethoven for yourselves, you'll wear them when firing a canon or hammering, ok?
Anyway... I need some new earmuffs. (aka ear defenders)
I'm wanting passive earmuffs- just the simple, non-electronic type.
I dont want to being changing the... (warning: rebus ahead)

Here are my options so far, let me know if you have any recommendations etc.,:

Beretta, made by Peltor/ 3M. Too... tactical?
("dont wear drab unless you've served" is a maxim ringing in my ears) 
Nevertheless, I think Peltor is the market leader, good technology, clean lines.

Howard Leight folders. Neat. Great for a Tokyo apartment, or campaign-style silversmithing.

Purdey- again with the hunting/ milspec aesthetic. Yeah, yeah- I know... 
but I dont want Hi-Viz or acid blue, see? -actually I see they are made by... "Deben"?;
Ill just search for a non-re-branded version... ok... yes, they are cheaper. Hmm.

Well then, how about a Peltor X Goldensmith collabo in Pantone colorways?
3M marketing peeps?
For a more peaceful-like rebranding?
All you bangers want some goodlooking, excellent earmuffz right?

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  1. Thanks heaps for the timely run-down. I'm in the market for a new set myself, though less for the banging and more to combat the air compressor beside me... (and as for the Pantone selection - a warm light grey?)