11 April 2011


The smallest Warwick Freeman piece you can get (?)
If you're not familiar with his jewellery- he often cuts out the shape of things.
This one is, to my eye, a moth, and it nimbly treads that line between a cheap butterfly trinket and, well, something more mysterious and significant. Quite a feat.
Even at this scale (≈10mm across), there is the pleasing execution and great function you come to expect in a Freeman piece. I've noticed that this little badge is the one that Warwick wears himself, on the roll of his black beanie- discreet like a little logo...


  1. i like my jewelry to be tiny too, a little discrete, like i'm only wearing it for myself. Browsed through pictures of his work on google, quite like it.

  2. Yes- discreet is pleasing...most Freeman jewellery is on the large end of the scale though! Robust, and" big-boned" even!