24 February 2011

Tame Cheetah

New header. Obviously I am learning about animated gifs. Sorry that my boyish enthusiasm is disrupting the otherwise studious and circumspect tone of this blog. Anyways, imagine you had a pet cheetah... Awesome! Take it down to Brunetti's for a coffee. Just don't let it chase stuff. Because it is the fastest thing on legs.


  1. I was telling my nephew about cheetahs the other day.
    Sometimes I can't believe that they are related to common tom cats!
    They are so godlike!

    Nice header.

  2. ...you know, they used to keep thylacines as pets too..not a cat but called a tiger.

  3. Tasmanian Tigers :-(
    There was a thylacine-pelt rug up for auction somewhere awhile back which caused a bit of controversy as I recall...
    I'd like to think there is a still a family of them secreted away in some impenatrable Tasmanian valley- and I hope we never find them

  4. Love the gifs!

  5. Thanks John
    probably shouldnt encourage me

  6. My great aunt had a pet leopard, which nearly ate my dad.