6 February 2011


 Looking like a rather shabby Daniel Eatock project - these cards are actually part of a board game that was devised by my Dad in the mid-80's, called Scribble. We all helped to make the prototype. The childish handwriting makes me smile- mine is the goofiest, with the most corrections ( who can spell 'Peugeot' anyway?) The game is a drawing game, where one player draws one of the challenging items on the list and the others have to guess what it is. Sound familiar? Pictionary- an international smash hit- was released in 1985 -much to Dad's drop-jawed disappointment! Nevermind, Dad- I loved your game- and I often play drawing-guessing games with my kids. ( Now, how would you draw Mahjong?!)


  1. you definitely made it hard to guess. You show a lot more inventivity than the makers of pictionary!

  2. i love these cards with all my being. the colour-combis. the shapes of the bullet-points. the words. sheer poetry.