17 February 2011

Epic Battles

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Who would win between a Lion and a Snake?
French son-of-a-Goldsmith, Antoine-Louis Barye, modelled his theory

A very internally-dynamic sculpture, the lion is roaring at the ground... Im not sure if thats a victory roar, or if he's screaming in pain from snake bite...

Barye fixed some pretty crazy fights as well as that one; 

 via academic

Tiger vs Alligator might've been a fairer fight if it were an Australian Saltwater Crocodile...
...just sayin'

Pile of Stags vs Gravity
( Gravity always wins) 

Kitten v Indecision and Self Doubt
That's a tough one, actually.

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  1. Croc v shark was the big question when we lived in the top end :-) we decided that croc would triumph in the end.