10 January 2011


There are over 2100 listings for "arrow" in the Peabody online museum.
Each photo has an average of 5 arrows I'd reckon. So Ive just looked at about 10 thousand arrows. At least they weren't aimed at me. 
These were the ones I thought were interesting;
The Sioux ones (bottom) tend to have very long fletching and long heads. 
The yellowish ones were labeled "tree hunting arrows" -doesnt sound like much of a hunt now does it? Maybe they're boy's arrows? Although some trees are pretty elusive. I was hoping to see "apple-shooting arrows"- but found other amusing Peabody descriptions anyway such as; "probably not poison". About half of all the arrows in the collection were poisoned, so, I guess there's an awful lot of poison lying around at The Peabody. 
Intern "ow! hey- watch that"
Other Intern "Whoops! Its ok dude, says here..."probably not poison""
More amusing Peabodyism here

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