19 January 2011


Once I was at a dinner party with the jeweller Otto Künzli and some others. For some reason the conversation was about the stars in the night sky.
Me:    ...my little sister...
Otto:  I dont care what you have to say!
Me:    err...?

                  *         *         *

What I was going to say was that my little sister thinks that the constellation of Orion is called O'Brien.
So that's what I call him, too.
I've decided that he's a blacksmith, beating a sword into a plowshare.
Much more inspiring than some dufus hunter.
Speaking of O'Brien...

M.Ward is coming to Melbourne soon.

   Poster by good egg  Beci Orpin.

M. is a favorite in our house- even if we're listening to Django Reinhardt...

 ... Joe doing air-Django, me doing air-Stephane; and we are the Quintette du Hot Club de Surrey Hills- really getting into a swing...But even so... Esmé comes over, flips the track and says;

"This is not M.Ward!!"
(vexation on all faces)
"Umm... I'm pretty sure M.Ward would like Django Reinhardt, Ez."
"I DONT CARE- I want the mermaid song!"
( she means 'Vincent O'Brien')
"What about She & Him?"
"Nope- that is a girl singing"
"Yeah, but she looks like a princess- and M.Ward is playing the guitar"
"hmmm... no"
(looks like we have a purist)

...So... if the aunties are reading this- how about babysitting that night so's I can take Alice to see M.Ward?

*          *          *

And this face is for Otto: 

( Its a brooch by Otto, if you didnt know. I do really like this one. )

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