17 January 2011


More of those dusty, hazy slides from 1997. These things are mainly carved bone and horn inlaid with silver or aluminium. I guess they're sort of like buttons or toggles or something. There is even a little bone open-work cube in there. At the time, my oldest sister wrote me a letter, posing as a curator from the Louvre, saying;

Dear Davîd,
 We 'ave 'eard about your "doo-dads",
 and want to buy them all for our collec-shi-ong,
 Pierre LaFarge

...or something to that effect. The letterhead, with an Eiffel Tower logo did have a certain...I-dont-know- what... ( hohng-hohng-hohng!)
Siblings can be cruel.
Actually, none of these things were ever for sale- so I possibly might still have them someplace, in the bottom of some box full of crazy stuff from the past. I may try to dig them up. And offer them to the Louvre. And get paid. Yeah.

Le Louvre, 17/1/2011
Cher Monsieur "David Neale",
Merci pour vot re présentation de "bidules" -
nous vous suggérons d'essayer le Musée d'Arts Décoratifs.
Ils peuvent être plus enclins?
Pierre Lafarge


  1. Too funny! And thanks for the Google translate! Btw those killjoys suggest "things" instead of "thingys".
    Our friends did something similar by sending us a letter from a fancy whorehouse in Nevada who wanted a complete redecoration. We were so pyched! but then... aarrggh!

    Nice thingies David!!

  2. Ha! Your friends are even crueller than siblings!