9 November 2010

Love Token

I love love tokens. So if I had one, I guess it would have to have "love tokens" engraved on it.
I like how they are often an effacement of a coin- a kind of positive vandalism.
I also like that in this, they are cheap; only one dime- but the engraving might be skillful

Convict love tokens- sad partings.

If you couldn't afford engraving, the thing that would prove your love was to bend the coin, and give that as a token.
Him: Here... I, err, bent this coin for you...
Her: ...Umm thaaaanks..... (whispered aside:) awkward!
Apparently, metal detectorists often find these specifically bent coins in the field, so I'm tipping the ladies thought they were lame and flung them away.

I wonder if there is an more ancient tradition behind the bending; this anciently altered coin has these deep random score-lines.

This telephone token looks like a perfect potential bender to me... ready-crippled...
"skinny arms? Cant prove your love? Try new Ready-Crippled! She'll say "yes"...every time!! "

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