19 November 2010


Several years ago, after I had quit my degree in Gold and Silversmithing, half-way through (as you do), I asked Sally Marsland to make me a comb. Sally had been one of my lecturers, and although I had quit, she remained a source of encouragement in my continuing to make any jewellery, at all, ever again. So- the comb- its a curious solution, not really an every-day functional object- but pleasing nontheless. Especially the dip in the middle- it is just perfect to hold between thumb and forefinger- the dimension of the metal at this point is mysteriously pleasing to measure with ones finger tips.
I never understand anything much about why or what she makes, but I like that. She is one of Australia's most interesting and talented jewellery makers.
Her exhibition Odd One Out is showing at Gallery Funaki, Melbourne.

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