25 November 2010

Brancusi Junk?!

1.marble vase
2.Plaster vessel
3.Repeat 'Kiss' Tiles
5.Stainless steel plates, forged
7.Lemon juicer
9.Dish, brass

Making me pretty excited today is this stuff, up for auction; stuff said to be made by Brancusi- quite beautiful objects- very rustic. I would have posted more pics, but they was hard to nab.

Not sure if this is real- I mean the provenance of these objects? They have quite accessible reserves, some of them, like under 1ooo euro!!
I suspect the vendors have had trouble proving anything- or else surely this would be handled by Christies et al.?? But what do I know?
Bear in mind that Brancusi sculptures are world-record breakers, one from the YSL collection went for $37 million in '09.

I dont care- I love, love, love it. I am prepared to be hoaxed, if its a lie, its a beautiful one.
I would personally rather have a dish than a bird in space.
( I would also rather have $37 million than a bird in space, as nice as it may be)
Perhaps it will all be purchased by a big museum- hopefully not a Romanian one- because I doubt I will ever get to visit there.
Auction and story of provenance here.
All of which is old news, I was tipped-off by Dinosaurs and Robots

$37 million!


  1. for $37 million I'll BE a bird in space

  2. darlin'- you are already both a dish and a space bird