10 November 2010

The 50 Øre Guitar

Don't get me wrong, I love it when my pals come over and play "kumbaya" on my guitar, while everyone else just has to listen.
But I felt it might be more sociable if we had two guitars in our house, so I thought I'd get a "guest's" guitar, that way, two of us can jam out while everyone else just has to listen.

So I acquired a busted guitar and set about refurbishing it to a playable state. The idea is to spend zero money. The machine heads ( the tuning keys) were all missing, so I made some from Fimo™, but they proved to be inadequate™. The white one just busted off when I needed to shred a drop-D tuning.

So it looks like I'll have to spend money after all.
But not the coin of the realm ( Oz dollarz)
Let's make some knobs out of Danish Øre and Japanese Yen.

I like this coin- with its happy font and love hearts- why is that, Danes? A royal wedding?
who is NR and JP?

The line up. ¥100, 50 øre, and 1 kroner, I think?

Soldering on the coins...
(ok this photo is sort of a fake- you cant solder and take photos at the same time)
Unless you are an octopus. Who can live out of water. And wants to blog about his misadventures.

On reassembly, I discover that Ive soldered them on up-side down!
Still.... I reckon it'll be good for Blues- nobody knows the trouble its seen.