11 October 2010

Rudimentary Lathe

A pole lathe re-enactment.
Powered by the foot-treadle + that long springy branch.
An Asterix and Obelix kind of situation!

Hand-carving a rifling guide- very impressive and resourceful.
The second picture shows the guide in use; the helical fluting is translated to a cutting tool inside the iron barrel. The lengths folks would go to eat birds for dinner!

1 comment:

  1. I've been really interested in how you could maybe rig up a lathe. Though you're right it does look like a very Asterix and Obelix situation.

    I used a big lathe at university and haven't been able to remake any of the pieces I made since I left. Though I actually really enjoyed using the machine.

    Don't think I'll be putting one of these up in the garden though!

    Really interesting post.