18 October 2010

Lathey Days

In case you were wondering where all that pole lathe stuff from the last post was going;

Ok - its Max Ernst and his chess set. ( thanks Mal for straightening that out)
Anyway, nice lathe work...

a taxonomic collection of Quistgaard pepper mills at Sam Kaufmann Gallery.
I wonder if there's any consensus on which is the best one? I might hire Malcom Gladwell to research this for me.

Watchmaker's hand lathe via FTJ.
Its not a steam-punk thing- dont pigeon-hole me. Its just a nice machine.

Pedal-powered ( fixed-gear too) scroll saw. FTJ ag'in.
Hard to imagine folks actually made such pretty machines.
Possibly because all the structural parts are cast-iron, dynamic curves become not only possible, but efficient and appropriate. Like how bones are structured inside?

The ol' disembodied-hands-doing-the-work-diagram.
Bow lathe and pole lathe. Making violin tuning pegs I think...


  1. Hi from mal E
    The chess shot is Max Ernst I think?
    I'm so close to buying two Swiss lathes in boxes, a 6mm 19th C one (watch) and an 8mm early 20th C (clock) one absolutely complete, I've made an offer - I can't wait, I've been snooping and searching for 5 years now in earnest . . . keep U posted.
    Also send me a postal address ?c and I'll send you a tinsmith catalogue also . . .

  2. Hey Mal...

    Ernst, Ernst. Ok.
    well- I hope you win... !
    cheers for the catalogue- Ill shoot you a p.m