12 September 2010


Thanks: to everyone who visited the show, to Katie for her hospitality, to Emma for sharing the floor so elegantly and extra special thanks to those who gave support; you enable me to keep going- much appreciated!


  1. Congratulations - it was a great exhibition and I am loving wearing my new brooch :)

  2. I think your work is incredible. I have almost finished a certificate in Visual Arts - Jewellery, and am totally inspired by your work! I absolutely love that your brooches are so unconventional - not polished and shiney like we are always told. Loved your exhibition at the Jam Factory earlier in the year! Andy

  3. Thanks Andy!
    All the best with your course...
    p.s. -I am coming around to polishing ;-)
    but it is a very interesting subject- jewellery is almost always polished- but cars are always painted.
    I want painted jewellery and polished cars!