6 September 2010

Bee Ware

By now you're probably wondering what this thing here is for.
Its nothing... just a beekeeper's veil that got the bottom 'skirt' burnt off in a spectacular adventure.
My Dad has been known to get quite excited about a swarm of bees.
He'll straight up catch them and then add them to his hives.
One time, we were on holiday and Dad saw a swarm in a bush on the side of the road.
He emptied a suitcase, snapped it over the swarm, and plum just carried it home.

So, anyway, I'm getting the mail out of my mail box, right?
And bees start flying out instead of cell phone bills. So I call Dad, and he is quite excited.
He comes around with his smoker and veil and some kind of box.
His plan (what he called it) is that I shovel the bees out of the mail box in one lump and into his box- and he is going to shut the lid.

Ok. I'm pretty cool-headed.

So he lights up his smoker. (From memory, pine-needles are the fuel of choice.)

Dad is getting pretty worked up by now and forgets about the pine needles and the smoker...and... somehow the whole thing is on fire... and his veil, on the ground next to it- some kind of nylon- is burning up too!!
We stamp it out.
He is very disappointed about his old veil. He's had it since before I was born. In a weird role reversal I gently say- "We'll fix it." Carrying on, Dad opens the mail box, I shovel the swarm out and into the box- in one, graceful, fluid motion- they all go bananas and fly off onto some tree branch.
Epic fail?
No!- Dad busts off the branch, catches the swarm in the box, and.... AND....

we have a cup of tea, then he takes home his new bees.
(Bear Grylls aint the Neales- did you see how his face got all stung ?!)
I'm going to fix the burnt veil. Maybe with some kind of Hmong or Lahu embroidered crazy fabrics- or how about some Japanese indigo? Any thoughts?


  1. Loved your story. I'm planning to get some bees myself. As for the veil, how about using hemp? I wonder whether the Lau crazy embroidery might get the bees a little, ahem, excited? Especially if it's floral :)

  2. HAHAHAHA!-yeah- floral... I'm sure Dad would prefer something plain too!
    Apparently its important not to look like a bear either.
    Mainly it needs to be light, strong and bee-proof. The old one was a very fine netting... I guess so that its kind of see-thru?