16 August 2010

Neale Standard Issue

Duffel bag. I bought this one when I was 16. There wasnt really anyplace to put my name on the bottom, what with all the different soldiers names and ranks stencilled or texta'd. So I just drew a stag on the front.

Happily, since then, its been on lots of adventures, like this one, aboard the Marisa
( thanks for the pic Jesse)
Ive lost the brass D-lock that goes through the holes. Do you know where I can get one?
Otherwise I am definitely going to have to make one. Sure, rope is fine. I'm just making conversation.

In England they have the 'dustman's coat', in the States, all kinds of denim Carhartt kind of work coats, here in Oz we have The BLUEY.
The workman's coat of choice. Standard issue. Except nowadays construction workers have to wear high-viz flouro stuff, so the Bluey isnt seen so much.
Having extensively field-tested my Bluey whilst digging trenches, nailing up roof frames, enduring harsh pic-nics and other miscellaneous adventures, I can tell you its great. Lay it on the ground for your girl to sit on, or fill it up with apples you just picked, or just tuck your hands up in the sleeves and nod off while the other lads are having smoko.

I like it how the bloke on the label isnt even wearing a Bluey.
I think the Bluey is called that because it isnt blue. ( that's an Australian thing... do you have that too? Like we call a redhead 'bluey' )
Actually, it isnt black either, really, its got a crazy multi-fabre fleck to it; blue, hot pink, yellow, whatever- I think its made from recycled wool rag. Its a rugged cut, with unfinished edges. Very cool. I'm posting this because the other night my Dad wore his Bluey to the Emma Price / David Neale opening at Gallery Funaki, and that made me smile. The rugged and the refined.


  1. My bluey was green. (I used to work for VicRoads) And it kept out the cold and wind brilliantly - even in winter up Omeo way. I would just put my high viz vests on over the top.

    There was a VicRoads badge on the pocket flap - which could be tucked into the pocket if I wanted to go incognito in my lunch break.

  2. just wanted to say i spent quite a while looking at your work sat morning - they astounded me:)

  3. Thanks Marie! Thats very kind of you.
    Glad you could make it...

  4. donkey jacket - in england it's called a donkey jacket - - no idea why - -