25 August 2010

Gem Dust

Brooch , David Neale 2010

Turquiose dust...

A lot of the painting Ive done for the current exhibition involves stone dusts/ making my own paint from gemstones. Here Ive used marble, turquoise and lapis lazuli.
So I crush them into dust and mix them with binders.
Many people ask me how I do this...
With a hammer of course: Bam bam bam!
The surfaces are matte, and absorb the light a little.
In a jewellery context, this is a kind of weird gemology I suppose, but then again, in a painter's context, its very traditional. I recall that Lapis Lazuli was worth its weight in gold during the renaissance- because it was highly prized as a blue pigment. Typically it was used only for the most important features in religious paintings, like Mary's robes and so on.

If you havent seen the show yet, there's still time;
its on until Sep 4th
Emma Price and David Neale

Gallery Funaki
Crossley st


  1. I was in Melbourne over the last couple of days and saw the Mari Funaki show at the NGV... which I loved - a lot (even with about a billion tours going on around me at once AND trying to keep the baby asleep in the pram)

    I forgot about your show and I'm bummed about it - I was in the area and killing time too :-(

  2. Ahh, well, you might be able to catch it in Tokyo, or Washington DC?

  3. knowing that just made what was so appealing so much more appealing.appealing being the wrong word.
    and, is the pink rose quartz?

  4. Hi! I really like your work currently in the exhibition at Funaki - and I especially liked the crushed stone element. I remember seeing a jeweller from Estonia also crush stone in his work when I was in Munich for Schmuck and I was instantly attracted to it. I'd also like to see what you have in your vast collection of stones (from your previous post) Perhaps I'll make a trip up to St.Andrews market some time :) thanks!!!