2 July 2010

Whitewash + Other Actions

My Whitewash Recipe:
-Slaked Lime ( wet calcium hydroxide)
-cement for more body
Apply to dampened wall with an old broom.

Best action-painting experience!

Some recipes call for salt or animal glue to 'fix' it.
Or oyster shells... for extra luminescence? ( its already bright!)

Inside sign to remind myself.
( "put... down... the guitar...now step away")

Right, back to work.
Whale cuff, work-in-progress

Colour Coloumn

Black painting

Through a glass, darkly

I unearthed this funny object and wondered why, on earth, would I squash a nice tube so brusquely... then remembered... that it is actually a special tool for scooping out sediment from between narrow fissures in the rocks of creek beds... the sediment where alluvial gold lies hidden! Earthy, man.
Ethically sourced gold: coming soon to the workshop.

"Mouse" by E.


  1. l'hirondelle est magnifique > the swallow is wonderful

  2. merci Anne!
    c'est une broche...
    > thanks Anne!
    its a brooch...