13 July 2010

Up To

Simple silver triangle earrings.
In a unfinished state...next: polish? plate? leave as-is?
I made a whole bunch of these, such a basic and familiar idea that I think the proportions really matter; they should be distinctive, but not be too strange. I always change them, I think some are better than others, but they're all good. I do make some much larger ones which are my favorite, - they are a pretty bold statement!

Imagine if I went here to make these...
(pic via old chum)

What is this?
Its a nice object- cousin to these?
:Alice's folding hoof-pick-(well, that's what it has been used for!)
...for keeping your horse neat-o


  1. 5 jumpers! how can you move?
    i like as is.and the last one, just one.very nice triangles.
    im coming to melbourne in august i hope i can see your exhibition.

  2. Love the black ones, as for size - the bigger the better :)

  3. thanks Maree and Melinda-

    yes- exhibition in August- I'd love to see you all at the opening...

  4. I loooove the triangle earrings,
    I would like a pair!

  5. Definately
    You would love them!
    you should send me an email right now