22 June 2010

Japan Dream

Just felt like going to Japan today ( most days really)
- for, you know, the little things.


Crazy carpentry: primitive-style lashing+ fake wood panelling

Superb detailing + oafish gas meters= brain tingle

onsen- with view of Fuji in the haze + boiled egg= :-/
(thanks Akira-san!)

Apologies if this graffiti offends ( wakarimasen!)

Steps: rise to tread ratio= high

Granite sink-bench/ courtyard/ well...
well! I am going to shufflle into this photo and making myself a little fire.

Tin repurposed as some kind of scoop- shovel,
looking so right to me that I'd say it came home...


  1. pangs!
    I'm looking up flights now...

  2. The clear one says "long hand". Each character stands on it's own so they don't necessarily have to or are meant to go together. Could be "long" "hand".

  3. very nice collection! the gas meters are so great. i am also big fan of the interior kitchen gas units and associated exposed plumbing bits and pieces. and the wall-scapes! great call:)

    (did you know jetstar has their sale on? melb-osaka for 300 or so.)