7 June 2010

Ice Skate + Video Tape =Axe

Robinson Crusoe.
He looks pretty snug ( smug??) with his multiple guns and goat hide-satorialism

Crusoe again

Coconut powered Bamboo radio?

The desert island theme is a favorite of mine. Especially any crazy improv.
(no not interpretive dance- I meant making stuff out of nothin')
Defoe's Robinson Crusoe is one of the most unsatisfying survival tales though!
(I still read it all)
He salvaged a whole barrel of nails from the wreck, as well as 10 guns (or so) and a granita machine!! phooey!!
Once I was trapped in the Nicholas Building elevator for an hour with just a girl and a piñata. The piñata was empty so I tried to kick the roof hatch up, using some pretty gymnastic ninja moves... but I digress.

And I agree with A.A. Milne, "its the family that ruins the Swiss Family Robinson"...
Now, the ice-skate-video-tape axe- that's more like it.

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