4 May 2010

Le Fil

Dear Ned,
I just wanted to say again how
much I loved the sand dollar
necklace. The peppermint dental
floss was an inspired touch. Who
are you, Ned Plimpton? I find
myself asking that question. I
hope you allow me to find out.
Love, Jane

My subject for this post is an amusing quote of the goldsmith Dr. Robert Baines (head of the department at Rmit)

"I don't want to make little badges you know, and little dinky things on thread," he says. "I don't do that. There's a real trend that that's contemporary jewellery and it is valid - I know where the references come from - but it's not me. I am not interested."

I dunno Robert... why not? What's wrong with jewellery?

pics: Hermann Jünger (of course) , text from The Life Aquatic
and Henriette Schuster (string bringer ne plus ultra)


  1. I love it...after major internal debate I have my new pendants on silk/ss thread because although you can make a huge convoluted chain extravaganza...sometimes it just needs a piece of string!

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of thread! Heck, sometimes that's all I use...

  3. Emily: internal debate sorted!

    Mel: Ah yes! - you have a high threadcount ;-)

    Camille's album 'Le Fil' - I dont parly voo the French but I know there is one note droning through the whole album perhaps that is Le Fil?

  4. yup, the note links all the songs together.
    i get where robert is coming from as a teacher, opening up the consideration of other solutions, 'designing' the entire piece rather than just the pendant aspect and then just chucking it on a piece of thread. but yes, sometimes you don't want a 'neckpiece', sometimes you just want a treasure, a touchpiece on a thread. you might want the weight of the piece unencumbered by other stuff. each piece has it's right to be what it wants to be... small and quiet doesn't necessarily = dinky.

  5. Hmmm, thanks Natalia...

    yes... I just found it amusing... and bombastic. I have learnt much from Robert about goldsmithing- both the gold and the smith aspects.
    Still, do you know, I am discovering that my education took away as much as it gave, blinded me as much as it revealed... I get this sinking feeling that 'contemporary jewellery' is very often anti-jewellery, as if jewellery was too simple, too crass, or even...too small!