22 April 2010


I think I should re-name this blog 'Things I Never Used To Like'; right now Im on a bit a of a Georg Jensen kick... Ive come to quite like the classicism of his early stuff. ( and Torun, yes yes, and Fog, and Malinowski, ,ok ok and even Koppel sometimes too)
This happened to me after a friend asked me to repair a vintage Jensen bracelet she has. I admired its chunkiness and good silvery presence. I am constantly learning about what makes good jewellery. (Or is it that I am unlearning my art school education at last! Now "Im a real boy!")
The workshop pic is amusing, very close working quarters- and it looks like a lot of chasing or repoussé work going down with those very dainty hammers. Georg's rendering is pretty nice, although the design is somewhat like a spooky alien. I'd like to think that the notation at the top right says "Gimme Silence". (I wish I had apprentices to baffle with cryptic notes like that!)

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