23 March 2010

Tweed Rye Light Kombi & Honey

Tweed jacket I've salvaged for a Wall Pocket. Put stuff in there; coins, an old tissue, a boiled lollie, a train ticket, a hair comb, a pen knife?

Latest bronze badge. 

Like a dinosaur egg...

Cut Away Kombi. I guess its a kid's thing that has turned into goldsmith's thing- to like small objects (and to want to shrink down to a tiny man and drive around in this thing, camping out under the bentwood chairs...)

Dad's funny label for his honey. ( This is an old one that the silverfish have enjoyed!)
Lately he's been giving us more honey than we can possibly eat. Really good full-bodied Yellow Box (a prevalent eucalyptus species here)- not heat treated or filtered.(bees knees float to the top) More on beekeeping to come...


  1. Rye bread! I love it so. Now I am hungry.

  2. As names go, well… "Rye" would still have been more upbeat than, say, "Sour Dough", no? ; )

    If you're ever overflowing with uneaten honey, your regular artist followers in Brunswick West will keenly accept the drippings.

    Cheers Inari

  3. Hi Inari,

    actually the old man has at least one hive at his pad in Brunswick East!
    He was doing the swap thing at CERES market, but felt shortchanged- I mean pithy lemons or flacid silverbeet for honey? pfft!
    Maybe Ill do a honey give-away... hmm