16 March 2010


H. Pyle. Marooned.
left with some water and a musket on a tidal sand bar...

Me, age 13 , by my sister , Kim. Not a bad likeness.
Bon Papa at Queenscliff- note observational paintings of passing ships on the walls.
(This is at the heads of a large bay)

cushion at my Geepees.

Scrimshaw ( should I say scrimshandered?) whale tooth. Dunedin museum. Nice waves.
(And if I had teeth like that I would definately eat giant squid. Yum. Imagine calamari from a giant squid... you could make wheels out of it...)

A scrimshaw I did ages ago. About actual size. On bone. Did it with a pin. The hands are kind of weird. Its pretty tricky, because you cant really see what you've drawn until you ink it- and yet you must use firm, decisive scratches. Still, I thought you might find it interesting...

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