24 February 2010


Bruno Martinazzi
In my student days I didnt care much for Bruno, what with all the gold and body parts.
My Dad though, would thumb through some reference book I'd brought home, point out Martinazzi, and say- "now hey" *tap tap on photo*"THIS is good"- He didnt care much for all the crazy stuff that would appear in the Schmuck every year (and still...) Usually I just roll my eyes at Dad ( as you do) and dismiss his 'uneducated' eye...
But to my light-hearted chagrin- he's often pretty much on the money- Martinazzi IS good.
Straight up, a classical and yet diffucult subject; the body- Martinazzi seemed to have a thing for hands and fingers- making for a kind of hall-of-mirrors; finger-shaped jewellery, worn on the finger, made by fingers...!
And of course, its usually just simple sheet working, (which I love and its probably what I do best(?)) and GOLD. When you have such a Classic approach, there is Boringness lurking at the door- but Martinazzi sails right past all that...

Bruno- Mi tolgo il cappello !

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