10 February 2010


Lugs- these are the junctions that join the tubes together in a steel bike.
Originating from fairly crude plumber's junctions, the lugs became highly specialised as bike manufacturing developed. Early lugs were quite plain with squared edges- but it was soon discovered that on impact, stresses concentrate at the point were the tube meets the lug and the thin tube gets sheared! So, builders started to cut lugs with curves to spread the stresses. These curves soon evolved into a decorative element.
-Contemporary lug-work by richard moon cycles- and gilt, no less!
-also; examples of his craft in progress; cut and filed head-lug in the vice, and a frame in a jig, to be brazed.
- perhaps none so baroque as the Hetchins!
- (and the curved head-stem!)
-Nervex: french fancy.

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