12 February 2010

Lively Geometrik

Smit- beautifully painted gold. Apparently left shiny on the reverse.
Dobler- an obtuse kind of lapidary, which makes good sense. (amethyst?)
Jünger- a boring Jünger is still amazing. Interchangable pendants (an idea he often revisited) The cartouche-shaped lapis; nice. Funnily, his lyricism is still apparent to me in this piece, in spite of the hard-edge / industria style of this piece. He once described how a broken gold egyptian artefact had been 'repaired' by a technichally skilled goldsmith- but how the piece had somehow been killed. He asked, "what makes one piece live and another die?"
That is a sense that the best makers possess.
Hard to see, but the smallest disc is his maker's mark; a little bird.
pics: nga collection


  1. you have such a great eye! hope you don't mind if I re-blog the amethyst one!