28 January 2010

TOUGH spirals

Tough Spirals, yes its true, they do exist:
1. Lobel seahorse. Huh? seahorse!?
yep, the males give birth to the young- now thats tough. (to all the mothers out there: Respect)
2. Iron rings made by soldiers in the trenches. (man, so neatly done)
3.Gladiator's arm protector. (me, I would have chosen something alittle more... shieldy?)
4. Smithson's spiral jetty from space. see it there? Hmm its washing away I guess.
but its Tough because it was made with a bulldozer.

1 comment:

  1. hi,
    i saw a doco telling that the Smithson's jetty had resurfaced and was enjoying a renaissance. It's almost more beautiful from space.