28 January 2010

Peter Bauhuis-Sprue Guru

Works by Peter Bauhuis.
There have been several opportunities for me to have met Peter Bauhuis by now, but I seem to always miss them. He is a caster extraordinaire! These vessels are groundbreaking in some sense-
they look almost ceramic dont they? But they are solid metals, cast, liquid hot at about 1000˚celsius and above- so there must be some careful planning. The colour variances result from different alloys of silver, gold and copper being introduced (in separate pours I assume? Or maybe in some instances a confluence of simultaneous pours-???gulp)- amazing.
Colour is a tricky thing with metals- handled masterfully here, both careful and grosso modo.
The whites are silver, the blacks and reds are copper and related alloys, the yellows; gold.
The underside of the brooch reveals the intricate sprue matrix (to explain; within a plaster mould, the liquid-hot metal reaches the extremities of the negative form via tunnels, which then also fill and become those 'branches'. Typically these are cut off during routine finishing of a casting- but here Peter makes them part of the structure- all the vessels have sprues as 'feet')
Ich ziehe meinen Hut, Herr Bauhuis...

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