29 January 2010

Gokstad & Sardine

The Glorious and the Inglorious.
The very beautiful Gokstad ship-( and reverent museum interior) I'm yet to see it for my self.
(Torbjørn and Ørjan- my erstwhile friends!- if you are reading this drop me a line.)

Wanting the freedom promised by a boat of one's own, 12 y.o. me told my Dad:
"it has to be made from a single sheet of corrugated iron, and I want a transom stern"
( squared-off at the back- like a proper row boat)
Very restrictive parameters , you'll agree.
After some snipping, belting, rivetting and generous siliconing...
"The Sardine" was complete.
She was sleek, but prone to be prone.
Here's to you, Sardine!

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  1. Your face with the sunken sardine, that is the hit.