1 December 2009


-Arabia, great swooping brush strokes and an infinite blueness. Trying to get a set of these.
-swoop swoop 'A's
-Jünger brooch- I havent seen much silver work of his, very awesome, of course. the kind of rougey-coloured patina is interesting, really works.
-Cream scoop.
-Tennis, 'bird'
-Jensen brooch reverse- always look at the back too, its often just as interesting; cool symmetry in the little details; vent holes and hallmarks.
-a Sajima hotel, with jewell-like window configuration
-I havent quite grasped the Japanese concept of iki, but I think this
Japanese home is non-iki, but still beautiful/ interesting.
-Japanese home: non-iki, but way cool, example #2
well maybe they ARE iki? I do not know. maybe Bree (of ii-ne-kore fame) can sort me out on this?
-Man With Golden Helmet...
-ha! scruffy scrimshaw by me from '03ish.
-coyote with hammer (probably Acme brand)
-ham radio card
-Poor Boy


  1. what an amazing collection of pictures. go tutti-frutti. can you still get that as a flavour of icecream i wonder? will have to check that at gelo-bar next time. and crumbs, honoured by the mention! but i can't really help sorry, i am not very well-versed in iki at all. it's nice to think about though. i recommend random surveys of japanese people on the street. my idea of it will always be filtered, for sure. excellent, excellent houses, both. thanks for another brilliant post.
    ps - i am too shy to enter the elephant competition, i have no idea at all!

  2. The hotel in Sajima is wonderful -- do you have a link? Love your blog and work.

  3. Thanks Revolting!

    no link, but its called Nowhere resort
    this helps