5 December 2009

Shinkansen Again

subarashi desu ne!!
I found some more about the Shinkansen nose-cone builders...
the company is Yamashita Kogyosho.
they've been doing it since the 60's.
It is apparently cheaper to do by hand, given the complexity of the
task / frequent re-tooling required for new nose designs.
yay craftsmen!
sorry the pics are small- but I did trawl through swathes of random kanji to find these for you.
Its sheet aluminium.
check out those MASSIVE swage blockzz!!! ( huge iron anvils)
me: you guys dont wear ear muffs?
them: mo ichi do onegai shimasu? (what?)
me: I said, no-one is wearing ear muffs!?!
them:mo ichi do onegai shimasu? (what?)

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