7 December 2009

Colpo di Martello (o è che "la COLPA del martello!!" )

-I'm making up that italian- does my pun make sense?
( A blow (culpo) of the hammer -or is it: the fault (culpa) of the hammer!!)
'A bad workman blames his tools' as my Dad would say!
two blackened finger nails from careless culpi... mea culpa
("il mio martelli! Ti amero sempre !!)

-The Sea! ...looking forward to our beach holiday!
-The Golden Moth in the workshop. He came home to die I guess.


  1. waw, just had a look on your 'plant'brooches on your website, really nice! do you also have a gallery in Europe? i would love to see in reality how daylight plays with them.

  2. Hi! I have posted about you and linked to here. Hope that's o.k.! Still love your blog! Italian puns notwithstanding!

  3. thanks Clementine!
    No gallery representation or even retail outlet or even ever exhibited anywhere in Europe!
    would love to though... (european galleries take note!)
    I just assume Europe doesnt like me... yet.

    thanks Mlle Paradis for the post! tres bien! sorry about the puns- my wife also frowned at me. but, "you is what you is".

  4. David - I've posted about you again! I'm passing the "Honest Scrap" award for "Distinction in Blogging" to a mini-blogroll of GENTLEMEN. You are one of them. You can check it out on my site as of yesterday - Mon. the 14th? and then humor us all by posting 10 things you'd like to share about yourself here. (Bizarrely I thought I left this message yesterday but you know, my computer has been doing strange abracadabra stuff on me.)

  5. David, just looked thru the last 6 posts - been so flat-chat with studio sale and wrapping up commissions for the 'two thousand and nine year'. . . nice research and thoughts down via qwerty.
    I have hammer things to add only it might take time . . .
    also newer Vesta posts when U have time recently uploaded to ephemeral-male