19 November 2009

Thursday: Velo

Daily posting on The Gold on Smith is a challenge!
So, Im going to schedule the topics for each day of the week.
we'll see.
I thought:
Thursday, Bicycle day? maybe...
Fri can be Other Artists,
Mon can be My Stuff,
Tue can be Historical Artefacts,
Wednesdays could be Motif day
... hope this blows your hair back. I think the most successful blogs tend to
have a large proportion of self-generated content, yes, but I also like to post
things from elsewhere that are interesting to me... I think it all relates somehow
1. Columbus tubing stamp. Good bikes are made from special tubing- lighter,
stronger steel alloys- and are sometimes 'butted'- not the same wall thickness
throughout. Columbus is still a leading manufacturer, the motif is a dove-
('columba' signifies a dove) these days you'll only see a sticker rather than a
2.Gettin' around...
3.Peugeot Fool. from the owner's manual I think! Ha! well, I put this up because
its funny, and also because I recently scored an old Peugeot with nervex lugs
( very fancy). Will show you the restoration...
4. beauties from collectvelo. really like the old bidons ( drink bottles) and
good colours. Natural or white tyres.

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  1. My hair is blown right back into a bun!!