23 November 2009

Siren Song

Today's historical artefact:
Gold Earring
Greek, 300-330 B.C.
44 mm (so, about half as small as she appears on your screen)
shes a siren, playing a stringed instrument-- not so very seductive--
except maybe to the goldsmiths; because she's a virtuoso piece:
the strings measure a mere 0.1mm!!
shes wearing spherical earrings!
Are they the tiniest earrings ever??!!
It looks as if they are about 4 of her lyre's strings wide, so about 0.4mm diameter. thats like this big: "."


  1. And also, this may sound unfair-given how amazing the craftsmanship is- but I wish they'd tried a little harder with her breasts!

  2. Yes her breasts are a little half-hearted. I LOVE your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and saying nice things. I will be back. I could go on a bit about some of your posts already - but I do love the little greek lady (have always wanted a tiny perfect greek figurine AND the lalique) but so much else of what you've posted as well is witty and sensitive. Thanks for opening up a little window!