22 November 2009

L'Œuvre Peint

Its fascinating that Le Corbusier was a modernist zealot, well, on paper, at the start...
but seemed to just contradict all of that tight modernism with a whole lot of primitive, Picasso-esque, suspiciously colourful, decorative paintings - which I think is very balanced, in truth.
"Je suis un acrobate de la forme", he reckoned.
And I dont know if his famous little cabanon was all that functional, but it looks fun, anyway.
(actually maybe Corb was pretty sad toward the end... alone in his fun cabanon... poor old Corb.)
The very top pic is a mural with which he vandalised a wall of the 'E-1027' house by Eileen Grey)


  1. very interesting! the eileen grey doco was screened not so long ago on abc, his obsession with her and that house was very plain to see. it was a little uncomfortable.
    (this doco, it is really great: http://www.sundancechannel.com/films/500257910)

  2. yeah!
    I think its a really interesting story.
    its like a drama of the human condition-
    we like to be neat and rational, put things in boxes etc, but there is always
    some part of us that is out of control!
    I keep coming back to this theme on my blog:
    the dual nature of us.

  3. Great, Le Corbusier is really good! We love his work and opinions.