25 November 2009

Elephant Motif / ¡PRIZE!

before I credit all these pix, I'll give you a chance:
The Gowden Smiff quiz ( yes, I will keeping trying to get you to participate, dear reader)
Can you attribute a creator to any of these elephants?
(PRIZE: Ill make you a little elephant in silver, if you are the first to name 5 different makers)
1. Danuta Zukowska
2. Kay Bojesen
3. Bit of a trick one! its the bottom of something else, but makes a great elephant.
from Gustavsberg anyway.
4. Upsala Ekeby
5. Walter Bosse
6.Walter Bosse
7.Walter Bosse
8.Walter Bosse. (So... if you'd got him, plus an easy one like Kay Bojesen,
you might have won!- but Rolfa was like lightning- I call her 'the Northern Bullet')
9. Kjeld Jordan for Palshus
10. I actually dont know...( I think this one came from bibliodyssey??)
11. errm?
12.Lisa Larsson
13. Bob Gill- from the book Continuo a cambiare or I keep changing

Thank you all for entering! it was pretty hard really- so well done!
I had to look them up myself!!
the winner of the yet-to-be-made-by-me silver Elephant is Rolfa, who was very quick!
(please send me a p.m Rolfa so I can mail your prize; meatdavidnealedotcomdotau)
I will make it in January.


  1. oh man, five! gorgeous collection anyway.

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  3. Rolfa / anonymous Rachael!

    Ive concealed your comment for the moment...
    (very good!- hint- one of your answers is wrong... its not Sgrafo... but boy that was a good guess too.)

  4. I think I'm stuck on four, then! Though numbers 4 and 7 look rather familiar; but it is 11.30pm here (England) and I'm now going to dream of elephants.

    (By the way - you didn't put in a Calder! Well, not one I know anyway. Very restrained.)

  5. I am so saddened that I could not even guess one. I suppose I will just have to look forward to seeing the silver elephant you make, as I'm sure it will be lovely in the extreme, as are all of these! {And a happy Thanksgiving to you from the States!}

  6. oh, dont be sad!
    think scandinavia , mainly...
    winner annunced (ha) next wed
    possibly you could just google scando elephants???
    hmmm Ill just czech that...

  7. Right, I've woken up (really did dream of elephants) and I might have no. 9 now (the one I first guessed might be Sgrafo). A morning's googling of scandinavian ceramics has made me fairly sure that it is by Kjeld Jordan for Palhus. Am I right???

    I really want to know who made no. 4. It feels sort of japanese to me?

  8. Hey Golden Smith, I have only got as far as the first 2.

    1) Danuta Zukowska 1969
    2) Kay Bojesen - 1953

    I will try and see if I can come up with some more before Wednesday..


  9. Well! Thanks to your hints, I *MAY* have gotten five!!!

    I have had so much fun doing this scavenger hunt, and have learned a ton about mid-century Swedish design - especially Gustavsberg - as well as about Polish poster design! I also have a whole new appreciation for the elephant motif and its beauty.

    Okay, so here goes:

    Number 1: a Polish safety poster that translated means "Do not risk it! Protect your feet! from 1969. Artist is Danuta Zukowska.

    Number 2 is Kay Bojesen

    Number 3 is driving me crazy! It should have been the easiest to find given the words on the side, but I can't do it! Knowing me, I'll probably continue trying until you reveal the source.

    Number 4: ?

    Numbers 5, 6 and 7 are, I believe, Walter Bosse?

    Number 8 is Kjeld Jordan.

    Numbers 9 and 10: no idea

    Number 11: Lisa Larson

    Number 12: No luck

    So there we go!

    Can't wait to hear how I did!

  10. What a fun elephant hunt that was. Here are my guesses;

    1 Danuta Zuukowska
    2 Kay Bojeseen
    3 ?
    4 Mari Simmulson
    5 Walter Bosse?
    6 Kjeld Jordan (the beige/stone coloured one with tapered trunk, pictured head on.
    Not sure of the rest but will throw in Bruno Munari as a punt for the illustration. The black flat-faced elephant (2nd last) is haunting me... must know whose it is or I'll never sleep again.

  11. Hey David! I love your work, I recognise you in it. I liked the elephants espescially, somehow they made me think of my girlfriend (that sounds terrible)they're so majestic and beautiful, but still humble. They look down as if they're shy, trying to be smaller than they are. I'd like get her one of those.