18 November 2009

Difficult Motif: Spiral

(Can anyone set me straight on the plural of 'motif'?)
Anyway- some motifs /emblems etc are difficult- too many associations,
 some are irredemable.
(is that a word? my spell check doesn't like it)
So, Im going to present a series of Difficult Motifs.

If you can pull off a spiral,
 -a non-ironic, non-cynical one-
 well,  you've really got some élan, some éclat, some chutzpah.
1. roman? bronze
2.Calder. the model is great. Are the earrings good?  Im not sure. 
They are gutsy, and playful, yes- but maybe too much? please opine.
3. Jensen. Scando-folk vibe. Note reluctance to just have a spiral alone;
 evidently it was felt that balls were needed. 
4. (?) ancient... dynamic line is effective, (thick to thin) and the 
square profile too. as I understand it, ancient wire was not extruded
 through steel drawplates as it is today, but chiselled out of sheet as a 
strip that was then rolled between stone plates to round. This might
 explain the square profile? but then, it looks so laterally neat, extrudey.


  1. a. yes, spelled 'motifs'
    b. irredeemable (two ees in the middle)

    2. not sure about the Calder earrings: like the individual long flat spirals, make me think of fern fronds; but the overall effect seems more like a mobile than an earring.


  2. thansk anonymous Rachel!
    Yeah- fern fronds... I have a post to do on them...soon

  3. Yep, spirals are tricky things. How to shake those cheesy hypnotist connotations?
    Number 4 is my favorite of these pics - the squareness and slight twist do it - a bit of mobius strip-type infinity.
    Wouldn't want to play netball in the Calder earrings.
    Louise Bourgeois made and drew some great spirals, I reckon.