11 November 2009

Beez Kneez

mixed beez kneez
-stay right where you are; at The Gold and Smith!
- Suze made a pixel portrait of us, which Ive updated; Esmé has grown , Joseph appeared!
-Oamaru- a strange town in New Zealand with an amazing victorian-era ghost-town bit. Id like to make some stuff here...
-a reminder to make tea for my wife...
-Fabergé. The Bolshevics came and he said "Ill just get my hat..."
-Bubo, the animate metal owl, from Clash of the Titans
-Lalique, my grandma has one of these- its a strange object...pretty big, like you could almost put your head in it.  In fact, Grandpa kept buying Lalique for her, so she has a collection. Once I put a 'cristal' Bic pen amongst them as a cheeky but earnest statement. I quite like the Bic. 
-Dutch obliqueness. note clogs (from...)
-Morris Louis.

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