9 November 2009

At Work

1&2. Picasso and Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe (designer and maker made famous by Georg Jensen- no wonder she shortened it to just "Torun") 
This scene kind of makes me uncomfortable. Is Pablo judging the work? Giving condescending advice? What does Vivianna's body language suggest? she's holding her tummy... is that protective? (or does she totally fancy him? and she's wearing about 5 pieces of her own jewellery)
3. How about this guy's Gaulish face? Almost Obelix. However, I think this Silversmithing workshop is totally staged- Can any of you young smiths tell me why you wouldnt put sheets of lead anywhere near your silverware? ( they've put it as interfacing on the vice)via christophle
4. A bike frame-builder, the late McLean Fonvielle. I thought he looked a lot like me, (in this pic anyway) and I really dig the butcher's block with massive granite alignment slab atop.
5. Le Corb. and his Modular. more on that soon. I think Mr.Modular must be an epic cyclist- check the calves!
6.Martin Puryear. a fairly awesome sculptor; strong carpentry-craftsmanship vibe.

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  1. lead contamination is a nightmare for the silversmith. Ive seen it happen;
    if you get small traces of lead on the surface of a silver item and then heat it up, the lead seems to eat great pits out of the silver!! I think it must readily bond with the silver, form some weird alloy, then drop out.