19 October 2009

Shakey Boxes

shaker craft; so boring its sublime.
 The details, proportions and materials
 become more apparent and significant.
Drunk on its own sobriety. 


  1. shaker aesthetics
    in paring it back to its simplest form you find god.
    similar sense in zen carpentry.

  2. mmm... thanks Mon.
    This is a pretty interesting topic...
    Compare/ contrast Modernism- is it basically just a secular form of Shaker?
    Equally pious, but even more sanctimonious, I think.
    I dont think you can ever actually eschew decoration when trying to make a pleasing object. Because it resides 'in the eye'. The simplicity itself becomes a decorative feature. Sometimes more garish than tinsel!
    I love Shaker aesthetic- but if its objective was to be modest-I think it failed-spectacularly!
    I keep coming back to this topic here; Simplexity, NoAesthetics, Modernism, Shaker
    hmm should have made this a post really!