13 July 2009

Il Cavatappi

Good hand-held objects, that also fold up for the pocket. I love that they are simple, ornate machines. And what is more celebratory than a cork POP!
(Nice to be thinking of something allied to, but other than jewellery for a change...) 
1,2,3. obviously I should have made this into an animated gif. Such a good object- sort of stark and primitive- but considered; the careful foldability, and the serpentine double helical screw
4, 5. badboys- bottles and bullets. cool stampings.
6,7.My Dad gave me one very similar to this - a great object- but a foolish housemate threw it away! 
8. Auböck (junior or senior I dont know... probably sr?) Nice file marks. A really funny piece! The foot screws into the bamboo pant. ha!-"pant"
9,10. classic machines. INTERESTINGLY, there are ONLY two types of machines, basically: the Lever, and the Inclined Plane (wedge).(yeah, i know. even the wheel is a lever) 
The simple lever-corkscrew has both of these in a very basic, illustrative format. Salut!

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