1 June 2009


The Aesthetics of No Aesthetic. 
Possibly, Space Equipment ( real, not sci-fi) has the most kind-of buttoned-down, No Frills design approach. To the enth degree. But look at it! Bold splashes of Gold, unusual textures, mysterious components! (what on earth is a Boyd Bolt??)
  So, it is a good example of how that mode of design produces incredible visual interest, un-intentionally. 
I assume the rationale in these designs is all about highly critical functionality, and servicability- the Astronaut has to be able to fix this stuff if it blows up.
And I love how it all looks so dinky and fragile. like it was made by Gondry out of duct tape and Alfoil! that Umbrella Thingy on the Lunar Rover cracks me up!

1 comment:

  1. It's like a Wacky Races car. Penelope Pitstop had an umbrella too.

    I like to think in the end the engineers were all, "and check out how awesome it looks!" But I think not! Witness FisherTechnic. Sadly it's all about the workings, darn it!

    By the way I'm in 2009 looking around for your post on the Japanese artist who did the climber paintings... Don't tell me- I think there's alot here I haven't ever seen!