30 June 2009


Well, I had some butter on toast (blogs start going downhill when meals get documented- but not here gentle reader, not here)
and boy I love butter. mmmmmm
so, the richness of yellow; just whizz through your photo album and click on the yellows:
-Laib's pollen. exquisite. 
-thanks Sister
-Butter sculpture by .......
-I could really do with some of that there energol.
-Arp woodcut. huh who knew he did cuts?
-an Earring
-A door
-Erzi 'nanas- oh yeah, Alizé made me a banananana smoothie today too.
-la moo? from
-a blur
-beautiful Alice amoung the swaddles. found myself a Hardoy chair on hard rubbish!!
-Derwenty richness. drawn when I was 18. some nag, probably Sundance.
-Laib at work. good ol' Laib ...in his socks
-a blur

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