9 June 2009

Delivery Trivia

Delivery. Its all in the delivery.
I had never heard of a Rochoir before...you?
pictured top right of lower pic.
It is a smith's tool for the very controlled delivery of paste-solder (somewhat of an anti-climax for some). Basically, sometimes you want to deposit a very thin layer of solder over an entire surface if you are attaching many small elements. Like in filigree maybe. 
So, solder dust is mixed with flux into a paste, then you could put it into a rochoir.
this is a little can with a long narrow spout. The spout has a series of bumps along it, allowing the smith to bump out a measured dose, by running a finger over them them. Apparently you have to make your own.
a little smithing trivia...

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  1. I have been struggling with trying to make my own rochoir. I wondered if you have had any luck in making one of these mysterious tools yourself? If so do you have any advice or just plain directions on how best to go about it without scrapping a ton of metal, and without tossing things about your studio in a defeated fit? Thank you :0