29 May 2009

Box with Eye

Friend Olivia (it is doubtful that she reads the Golden Smith) enjoys simplified photography, like pin-hole camera, Lomo, and so on. This has piqued my interest in super-simple early cameras, which are just nice boxes with basic apertures and slidey bits. Ive included these here, because they fall into that realm of the personal object, with nicely-crafted features- like a an old watch, or some gold-rimmed spectacles, for example.
#1 looks like something Judd would like...
#2 with those gryphony-leviathanish bearers, really makes an iPhone look like a used bar of soap!

1 comment:

  1. look I cant be certain, but I think that third one belongs to...
    Alexander.S. Wolcott? I dunno... its faint.
    Question; how big was the biggest you ever wrote your name? and what was it on?