19 May 2009


I use a drill quite a lot in my work, so this is today's musing on holes / drills...

'Drillium' or 'Perfore' is the time honored art of lightening objects by drilling out as many holes as possible without compromising integrity. Typically a cycling obsession with weight reduction, but also useful for hiking, and um... art?
-Fork end  drillium (the part of a bike that holds the rear wheel) 
-Tony Cragg sculptures, he seems to dig the ol' drillium
-More bike drillium; note head-set, shift levers and brake calipers.
- bullet drillium
-err, I dont know who this guy is, but he is Drilly Drill-Drill McDrill
-A 'drill spider' by Paulo Nenflidio . Eek!

1 comment:

  1. did you see the article in "the age" today? about a doctor using a De Walt to drill into a kids head and let out a clot! probably not an impact drill.